Project E28: Diet Build Montage

Maybe I tool the whole “luxury of not having to build it while driving it” thing too far, as messing about with the old land shark has taken far longer than I ever anticipated.  Not because there was more than I was expecting to do, just having the time proved more challenging that I first thought…that and some snow, which made one weekend particularly unpleasant.  Anyway, I’ve done loads and taken pretty much no pics, but the following (start singing the Team America montage song now) montage covers most of what went on, though not strictly in any order anything like any sequence of events:

You kinda get the gist…Apart from the above, it got waxoiled, new floors, OEM mats (flash I know!), new rear bumper, engine detail, service, too much money spent on it, new front suspension arms and bushes, spacers & spiggot rings, stripped, cleaned and painted the brakes, new plates and the moon on a stick. …you know how these things go….

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