Project KP30: TRD LSD Ratio Change

I thought I’d last the summer, but I couldn’t bear it; hounding Audi drivers out of the fast lane was fun, but the 3.3 ratio was killing me.  I had to build it back into my 4.1.  With a bit of help from Rog we got both diffs swapped in an afternoon.

The 3.3 was like new.  New bearings, plates, everything.  So I was able to just swap it straight over.

This is the last picture I took…we spent so much time setting up the lash I forgot to pic up the cam!

The good news is it’s all set up and back in the car.  Tomorrow is the first planned dive.  If it goes bang you’ll hear here first…

1 Response to “Project KP30: TRD LSD Ratio Change”

  1. June 28, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Hello my compliments for your project, I have a Kp36 KP30 and I would like to help me clarify some doubts do not speak English I hope you understand because you use a translator

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