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Project KP30: Tracking Changes

So, I may have been putting this off a little.  At the end of last summer I made some sus changes and, because it was going away, only did a quick eye-lignment.  Turns out I don’t wear glasses for nothing; it was pulling all over the road.  With a day off work today I started my “jobs to do on the KP list 2011” with some wheel alignment.

Stands – check, string – check.

Wedged the wheel (technical I know…):

So a first measure was pretty conclusive on the pulling:  Driver’s front 3mm toe in…Passenger side front 11.5mm toe in.

I set it up to have zero toe.  My thinking is that compliance in the bushes will give me a little toe out whilst driving; it’s not a top speed car so a little more turn-in is a welcome trade.   It all sounds good in principle, but I’ve not driven it yet; It’s up in the air on stands now for some engine work. Roll on summer!