Racer86.com & Cha Cha Racing Family: ありがとうございます

Today I received a mystery envelope…The post mark immediately gave away what it might be and I was excited to say the least!

I didn’t wait long to tear into the envelope; what I found was more than I ever expected!  I’ve been exchanging emails with Koji Iwasa from the Cha Cha Racing family now for a couple of days and he mentioned to me he was sending me one of his team stickers.  What I received was the following:

An amazing selection of stickers including rare vintage Tom’s racing stickers!  If that wasn’t enough Koji had included a copy of Nostalgic Hero, with his car in!

It goes without saying the team sticker will be taking pride of place on the rear screen of my car, just as it does on theirs!

I must say a huge thanks you to Koji and the Cha Cha Racing Family! I really appreciate their generosity!  This is exactly why I love old cars and car culture:  Two strangers, living thousands of miles apart, who speak a totally different languages, can share a passion for old Toyotas and racing cars – this is car life!

Koji:  Expect a package soon!


2 Responses to “Racer86.com & Cha Cha Racing Family: ありがとうございます”

  1. September 5, 2010 at 4:20 am

    Hai Rob

    Because the air mail reached safely, I was relieved.
    It is this and the Rob is a member of cha.cha racing family
    At that time, it is a group of a private tuner to the main as for the Hakone street in Japan.
    Welcome to our family.
    I will welcome you as a companion who can obviously share the intention also with UK through the blog.

    Rob in the future expects activity as cha.cha racing family UK.

  2. 2 rizal webb
    October 17, 2010 at 6:46 pm

    hi rob..can I get cha cha racing family email? I try to translate everything from their site but cant get through them..as I want to get some parts from japan..
    im driving a kp30 too..here’s my site.. http://retroscraps.blogspot.com/ nothing much..need to learn more from u guys..thank you

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