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Project KP30: It’s that time of year again

Yes! As far as I’m concerned, from now on in, it’s officially Spring.  The KP has made it out of the garage and the Roadster hasn’t broken for long enough for me to do some work on it!

As always there’s a list of stuff I want to get done before I put it back on the road and unfortunately, that includes paint.  I hate doing paint.

I had to paint the boot lid after rolling the car back into my engine stand while in the garage (yep, there was A LOT of swearing) and the bonnet had developed a weird reaction/ bubble thing so, out came the gun.

Magically, the paint looks good in this pic…it’s not, so I’ll be flatting it back and giving it another coat.  Did I mention I hate doing paint?

Meanwhile I’ve sent the aluminium thermostat housing out to get welded up as it had started to leak.  When that’s back, it should be ready for another summer on the road.  I pretty much can’t wait to be driving round listening to twin 40s and smelling of petrol!