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Project Roadster: Gearboxes: Scheduled Maintenance…

Wait…What? Didn’t I do this last week?

Well it turns out not everyone on eBay isn’t as honest and upstanding as I dared to dream.  I fitted up the new box and initially 5th and reverse were missing.  Easy fix; it was just the detent spring.  Luckily, I was able to fix it through the shifter hole, however the box had a bad whine, in every gear!   Now the car is pretty noisy, so to be able to hear it, well, that’s how bad it was.  And it’s been getting worse; I’ve been driving all week with ear plugs in!

After trying different oils and additives I gave up…and bought another one!

This time from a reputable breaker and it even has a warranty for two months!  So, I’ve spent my Good Friday pulling the old (new) box out ready to fit up the new one tomorrow.  Fingers crossed it’s a good one!