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Project MK1 Cavalier: Tune up, look sharp – 30+ mpg club here we come!

Remember this?

Well, after many hours of cruising (and scraping) I decided it was time for a tune and an electric fan to help the old girl into the 30+ mpg club.

Out with the old fixed original fan…

and in with the new… I’m not the most savvy when it comes to wiring and electrics, so wiring in a fan and it actually working was a result!

With that done it was tune-up time; old-skool style!

Gas tester plugged in the back

Color tune up front

If you’ve not seen one before, it’s a spark plug with a viewing window in it so you can see the colour of the combustion: White-ish = lean, Rich Blue = Stoich, Rich = Orange.  This is retro tuning at its best!

Here’s a pic of it running looking down the viewing tube:

Runs much better now!  Should be less juicy too.