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Players ’09 20-09-09 Part #1

I’m not going to lie; I’m getting quite into this VW scene stuff.  Not that I’m going to give it all up and play euro just yet, but I am loving the euro meets JDM meets Aircooled meets USDM meets Drift/Street/Track car blend of styles at the last couple of shows I’ve been to. Loads of cross pollination going down,which is always a good thing.

This was my first players and this year it was open to all makes and models; as long as your car was dope, you were in. A pretty good door policy for any event.

I was doing the car show thing Retro Cars and PVW. My whoring is literally limitless and shameless. I know. Anyway, here’s my first instalment of pics:

James Turner’s car: This guy dailies an NSX. Props.

The effsixtwo squad were killin’ it and collected some (read most) of the tinware for their seriously stanced vehicles.

Check out their BLOG. it rules!

UK. Mini trucks. We got that.