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Players ‘09 20-09-09 Part #2

It’s pretty much been the summer of Air and Players was no different; T3D did well with the awards and it’s pretty clear why:

You’ll get no apologies for the hundreds of pics I’m posting of “that” Brasilia. Car of the year?

Big thanks to Elliot for hooking me up with a Wheel Whores T-Shirt. Loving the knocking shop!


The trophies were awesome; some real time had been spent on the top prizes.

I got a sticker on my windscreen meaning I had won! Unfortunately, there were more stickers than awards so I never got a trophy Ha Ha!

Wheel Whores Winner:


Players ’09 20-09-09 Part #1

I’m not going to lie; I’m getting quite into this VW scene stuff.  Not that I’m going to give it all up and play euro just yet, but I am loving the euro meets JDM meets Aircooled meets USDM meets Drift/Street/Track car blend of styles at the last couple of shows I’ve been to. Loads of cross pollination going down,which is always a good thing.

This was my first players and this year it was open to all makes and models; as long as your car was dope, you were in. A pretty good door policy for any event.

I was doing the car show thing Retro Cars and PVW. My whoring is literally limitless and shameless. I know. Anyway, here’s my first instalment of pics:

James Turner’s car: This guy dailies an NSX. Props.

The effsixtwo squad were killin’ it and collected some (read most) of the tinware for their seriously stanced vehicles.

Check out their BLOG. it rules!

UK. Mini trucks. We got that.


Project KP30: Loud Pipes Save Lives

I’ve been messing with the back box on the KP and am seriously on the lookout for a new one. The up-sweep looks OK, but it burns soot all up the back of the car; not cool.

I had some pipe knocking about so welded on an old bike can down sweep and ran this set up exiting under the car!

Yep, no silencers, boxes or so much as a bung. This is as close to open headers as I can go without, erm, running open headers!

It sounds pretty horrible at low revs, just moving the car and stuff, but on over-run and between 4 and 7000rpm it sounds amazing!

This has lead me to the conclusion that if I do get a new silencer, It doesn’t need to be very big!



See you there…


MX-5 OC National Rally 2009 12-09-09: Part #2

Ok, here is the second instalment of my Roadster Rally coverage:

The crew from Driftworks were down doing their thing, keeping the crowd entertained over the lunch break.

Dope cars. Dope setup.

The trade area was packed, selling everything from full on chassis kits to all those little bits of trim you just couldn’t find anywhere else.

Another pic of “that” MK3. I hope he’s getting coilovers and spacers for Chrismas.

Time for a quick fuel stop at Mallory’s fuel station.

So there you go: 20 years of the Roadster, one track and a load of sunshine! Awesome!


MX-5 OC National Rally 2009 12-09-09: Part #1

To be honest, I didn’t know there had been a national rally in 2008.  So to find out it was all happening this year at the Mallory Park Circuit, just 1/2 an hour from my house was ace.  The surprise didn’t end there, as this morning ,when I opened my curtains, it was a red hot, sunny day!

The OC had thrown on an extra special bash this year to celebrate 20 years of the Roadster and 15 years of the club. If the sunshine wasn’t enough to get you out, the  20 min sessions running all day on the track should have!

Here’s a few of my pics:

Yep, left the hard top on.Yep, it was hot.

Nicest MK3 all day.

Mallory is a cool little circuit and great for shooting. You can get really close to the track.

Yay. Longchamps.

Apart from the weather, you couldn’t pass off these pics as So Cal or Japan… The Uk Roadster scene has a lot to learn about stance and fitment. I’m just going to put it down to all the best cars being at JAE but seriously, so much 4×4 happening.  It’s a sports car, make it look like one!

The only other low MX. Props to you Sir.

Mallory had an Moto Xtrack off to one side. It took me about 10 mins to even notice it, but when I did it was certainly worth a watch!

Stay tuned for part 2!


Edition 38 Bonus Footage.

As I got such a huge response for the ED38 pics, I thought I would throw up a couple more. Enjoy!