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These cars need nothing more than rims n’ slam.

This is not helping me not want one.

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Retro Rides Gathering 09 – 14-16-08-09

WOW. What a weekend.

It had all the ingredients a great car show should have: Cool cars, great atmosphere, good friends, sunshine and loads of beer! I’m sure it’s not legal to have as much fun in a field as we had!

I’m writing the show report for RC Mag so I’m not going to go into too much detail here.  Worse than that, you’re only going to get a couple of lame pics that I’m not going to send to the mag too.  Sorry about that.

However all is not lost; check out Retro Rides for loads of pic threads and tales of the best show weekender this year!

Here’s a few of my pics to give you an idea of how it went down:

We met:

We convoyed (right through Bristol):

We took over a petrol station:

We camped:


We did the show:

Crowds Gathered:

Cool cars won prizes:

We hit up the Haynes Museum:

We saw drifting:

We did drifting:

We drove home, exhausted and blown away.