The Media Bandwagon: Retro Cars August Issue

Yes, more wagons rolling! The Chevette is featured in this months RC mag. OK, so I guess it is a bit of a cheat as I shot the pics and wrote the feature, but any sort of media coverage for something you have built is awesome. I still get super stoked when I see a little 3x5cm pics of one of my cars in a mag, so a feature is a pretty big deal. Add to that the fact I got to write and shoot it then you can imagine how pleased I was when I opened it up!

I also got a mention in the Old Skool Mania show report and some of my pics are used in the Bromley Pageant report.

Did I mention how stoked I was?

In other news, if you have found your way to my blog from the link in the mag then hello! If you have any comments or suggestions hit me up at Racer_86@hotmail.com; It would be good to hear from you!

As always, check out Retro Cars mag online and even better than that, go buy a copy!

1 Response to “The Media Bandwagon: Retro Cars August Issue”

  1. July 14, 2009 at 8:17 pm

    Gtreat to see you in the mags again

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