Perks of the Job: Jaguar XF 2.7 TDV6

As some of you know I have been working at Jaguar Land Rover now for nearly 3 years now and in that time the perks have been fairly limited, well there hasn’t been any really, but that’s kind of the nature of my job…Then, this week,  I scored the loan of an 08 Jaguar XF.

The car in question was a 2.7 TDV6 with, what seemed to me (bearing in mind I think electric windows constitutes a high spec) lots of toys!

Now, I have to be honest and say this kind of car is not really my thing. I appreciate how awesome it is and it’s breadth of capability but, I like my cars to be edgy, hard work, noisy and generally quite unpleasant to drive; I’m a little strange like that.

Then it happened, everything about this car fell into place…I’d had a stressful day at work, it was late and wanted to get my 45mile commute home over with as soon as possible.

As I walked up to the car I popped the boot and threw in my bag. I jumped in, dropped the smart key in the glove box and pushed the throbbing engine start button. A few clicks of the touch screen and the temperature was being taken down to a refreshing 18 degrees while the Bowers and Wilkins stereo played one of the many media choices I had laid out for me. With the cruise on, I was home and soothed in what felt like a few minutes.

And there it is. This car just makes life more comfortable and distances easy. Suddenly everywhere felt a lot closer.

Despite this being the least powerful of the XF range, when set in Sport mode and flicking through the gears using your fingertips on the paddles, the car is surprisingly dynamic.

So that’s it I’m ruined. I have gone soft and I’m only 24! OK, it’s not that bad; a B-road blast in the Roadster cured the worst of it, but I’m not so sure how I’ll feel on my 90 mile-a-day motorway commute!


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