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Project Roadster: The smell of leather and old people

Not a massive update really. It was MOT time so I did a couple of bits to it (new tyres, rear callipers) and it passed first time which is a bonus. Other than that I have just been racking up the miles and enjoying the sunshine.

I did pick up an old 70’s Astrali steering wheel from the auto Jumble at Race Retro for £8 thinking it would be good for the KP. When I got it home it had a Hyundai Pony boss on it. Before giving up (or starting cutting it about) I decided to offer it up to the Roadster and it fit!

It does have a centre cap but I’ve not got round to that yet and it looks kinda cool without it. It’s a bit smaller than the Momo it replaces so I don’t think it will be as good for doing skids with. We shall see. The only other downside is it smells of old people which it a fairly acquired taste!

Because I had the camera out (and because I am a lyfestlin’ whore) I took a couple pics of my new kicks and watch:

Mmmm fresh DCs

Casio G Shock V.S  Bathing Ape.