TAS 2009

Well this blog has been running for a year now and one of my first posts was TAS ’08! The car of the show for me then was the Rocky Auto KPGC10 and, reassuringly,  my car of 2009 is another Retro car. With all the classic touches that make Japanese cars so right; Stance, fitment and clean simple bodywork this AE70 from the G-Works stand was killin’ it!

Perfect paint and Wats in 14×9″ front and 14×9.5″  rear, running 195/45s all round filling out  those perfectly rolled arches.

I could look at these pics for days!

For the best TAS coverage on the net check out Speedhunters. Props to Mike Garrett for the awesome pics too!

P.S. Mike, if you read this it’s good to see you posting again on Auto Otaku!

2 Responses to “TAS 2009”

  1. January 17, 2009 at 7:32 pm

    I have said for the last two years that i would get to go to this but never made it good job the internet is so good eh

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