Project Roadster; Clutch Time Vol.4

Good news, the clutch kit the arrived yesterday, so today I pulled the old clutch off and got to work.

Compared to the new clutch you can see how hammered the old one was! The pressure plate was in a worse state but I did’t get any pics of that.

I fitted up the new plate and clutch. This pic was taken with the camera on my chest; not a huge amount of room to work, especially when trying to swing a torque wrench!

The box went on pretty easy and it only took me about 3 hours to get the car 95% finished.  As I turned the exhaust over to get it out of the garage, I noticed the mid silencer had rubbed through from being hit on stuff. Out came the welder (which also needed fixing) and I tacked it up. The car really needs a new exhaust, but for now I will be happy enough to get it back on the road!

The other pain was repairing the exhaust down-pipe bracket:

My first attempt stripped the captive bolt on the back !

Alls that is left to do now if fill up the gear box and put the console back in! Can’t wait to have it back on the road!


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