Project Roadster; Clutch Time Vol. 1

A rather enthusiastic full throttle launch last week caused a little slip so I thought it was time to sort it. I have been putting this off for a couple of months now; It’s not even that big of a job, it’s just the grovelling around under the car with it only 12″ off the ground in -1 weather that  hasn’t been appealing to me! Anyway, time to man up and get on it as I only have a few days holiday left!

1st job was to get it on stands, which sounds easy, but with 3 useless jacks, mis-matched stands and the the car being too low to get a jack under it’s a pain!

Assessed the damage from low-ness. Mmmm looks like the sump guard bolt heads are no more!

Today I made it to Stage 5:

I had to cut one of the exhaust bolts off so didn’t get much further before it went dark and my hands stopped working with cold.

The bad news is I am still waiting for the clutch to come in the post! Hope it makes it before I have to put it back together to use for work!

1 Response to “Project Roadster; Clutch Time Vol. 1”

  1. January 2, 2009 at 9:32 am

    Your posh a garage and a car port anymore pictures?

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