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Project KP30; Red or Dead

It was the last Midlands Breakfast Club of 2008 this Sunday so, with the KP back together and on its new rims, I thought it was a good opportunity to take it out for a blast!

Coxy, who organises the show, shot these awesome pics:

One from me

Drive By Shooters pulled me out the show and shot some pics of my car for their site:

Check out the rest of Coxy’s pics on the Midlands Breakfast Club Site.

Check out Drive By Shooters for more dope car photography and show coverage.


Wales Rally GB 04/07-12-08

It’s that time of year again, no, not Christmas and all that stuff! I’m talking about the time of year when the WRC comes to Wales!

Every year me and a few of my friends from uni meet up for a weekend of reunion and rallying, and this year was no different!

On Friday we headed up to Walter’s Arena to check out the night stage. Unfortunately,  due to the rain (which was copious), this is the only picture I got:

I did spot DogboxMedia’s Swift in the car park so hopefully he got some good pics!

Saturday brought clear blue sky, bright sunshine and definitely no rain! It was even pretty warm for Wales in December!

We trekked into the Afan forest and pitched up on a nice hairpin to catch the best of the sideways action. From the bank we could see the cars burst out of the forest, take the corner and disappear off up the hillside.

First through was Loeb leading in the Citroen.

The Suzukis were looking quick all day, taking it really sideways:

Solberg in the new Impreza; these cars have really grown on me.

Rossi keeping the bobble-hatters entertained on 4 wheels:

S2000 4×4 207 made a great noise and was impressively quick!

Sign/ Marshalling FAIL:

C2 Super 1600

Swift Sport Super 1600

So after two days we headed home to catch the last days stages on TV. It’s great being on the stage with the noise and the atmosphere, but you have no idea what’s going on!

Turns out Loeb went on to win (again!) For all the results check out

For the rest of my pictures check HERE