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Project KP30; Rims, Dish, Win

This weekend I picked up some 13″ splitties for the KP. Fronts are 7″ and the rears are 9″! They came of an Single seater race car and still had slicks on.

As much I wanted to try them, I decided to be sensible and get the slicks taken off. Hopefully I can get myself some tyres ordered and get them on in the next couple of weeks.

They’re currently decorating the front room in my apartment, well I wasn’t going to put them in the garage was I?! Plus, they look good along side my S&M, I have a real flair for interior design!

Phone dish pic:

Lifestyler Shoe shot:

S&M pic (44T For Life)

The centres are going to get re-painted and I plan to run a nice stretch to keep the rubber inside the OEM metal. Oh yeah, I just offered them up to the car. Two words: Fitment city.