Project Roadster; Spark it or park it!

A great man once said “you drive a sports car, make it look like one!” Not in reference to my car,  but I have never been happy with the ride height so it struck a bit of a chord with me.

So, after some shopping round, I got a killer deal on a full set of GAZ adjustables. With 32 points of adjustment and, most importantly, thread the entire length of the body so shouldn’t run out of low before my sump runs out fins.

Talking of wearing away my sump; I made a little sump guard for the front from some 3mm steel. It also adds a little bracing to the frame. It’s not brilliant, but should save it should the worst happen.

Ok, So here is a before pic….

And after! Bear in mind that it needs adjusting again now I have let it settle for a week, so it will be going lower and I want to dial in a little more rake.

Expect another update soon!

1 Response to “Project Roadster; Spark it or park it!”

  1. September 20, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    In the next update are you going to replace those balloons you appear to have accidently put on those lovely wheels?? 😀

    Car is look nicer that bit lower.

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