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Project Roadster; Chassis Brace Flawless Victory!

Well, it didn’t take long before bits of the Roadster started making contact with terra-firma. This is not speed bump damage, this is damage from the brace hitting the road!

Well, I wasn’t go to raise the car was I! Off with the brace. Low>Handling!

Stay tuned for more “parts of my car that I have smashed into the tarmac” updates!


Project Roadster; Japan Status Bonnet-less Justice

Just a few quick shots I snapped today (let my old man have a go for the rolling shots). Car is down another 10mm all round.

+10 JDM tyte, So-Cal sunshine points for running bonnet-less.


Project Roadster; Spark it or park it!

A great man once said “you drive a sports car, make it look like one!” Not in reference to my car,  but I have never been happy with the ride height so it struck a bit of a chord with me.

So, after some shopping round, I got a killer deal on a full set of GAZ adjustables. With 32 points of adjustment and, most importantly, thread the entire length of the body so shouldn’t run out of low before my sump runs out fins.

Talking of wearing away my sump; I made a little sump guard for the front from some 3mm steel. It also adds a little bracing to the frame. It’s not brilliant, but should save it should the worst happen.

Ok, So here is a before pic….

And after! Bear in mind that it needs adjusting again now I have let it settle for a week, so it will be going lower and I want to dial in a little more rake.

Expect another update soon!


Do your bit for the environment

Ride a bad-ass Zoomer

Have I mentioned recently just how much I want one of these!


This is Drifting Pt 2: Osaka Touge Drift

This video is as old as the hills, but every time I see it it makes me want to go out driving! It was recently posted over on Retro Rides and I thought I would share it on here. Amazing driving on amazing touge.


Minkara Carview

This week I have been mostly cruizing the pages of

It seems to be a bit like car domain, but good. Part of the fun (for me anyway) of checking out Japanese sites like this is the not really knowing what you are clicking; one minute you are looking at a cool sunny and the next click brings up Hachis triple drifting at MSC!

Embrace the Random!


I spent 8 Million Dollars on this Sh!t

More 0rsumz pulled off Ziptied. Rotor AE build thread HERE.