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Project KP30; Photo Whoring

Well, if you have been following this blog, most of the pictures you will have seen of my KP are of it in bits spread across my driveway. What can I say, I like taking things apart. Anyway, as the car has been in one piece for a couple of weeks and is running well, I took the chance to get out for a play with my camera and enjoy the UK sunshine (yes we do get a little!). Enjoy!

I also shot my roadster in this same location. Check out some more pics HERE

Expect to see some more Roadster updates soon; I have decided to keep it for a while longer and I have started collecting bits. There is currently a set of coilovers in the post on their way to my door, so get ready for a “how to replace the sump on your roadster” write up soon!


This is Drifting…..

All night Touge Sessions; Cool cars, good friends the smell of petrol well into the early hours. This is where it’s at.

Beats doing skids in a carpark anyday.


Retro-Rides Gathering 08 17-08-08

This was the second show organised by David “HoTwire” Murphy and the boys over at and it was, once again, EPIC.

For me this is what cars and car shows are about; A few beers, camping, a BBQ and some mates hanging out with cool cars.

Here are a couple of shots I took. For probably the most comprehensive gallery check out THIS thread over on Retro-Rides and keep your eyes peeled for a write up on Retro Scene Magazine!

Datsun 1200 Wagon on Street Fins: So much awesome it hurts!


BR/ RS-8 Watanabe/ Unknown Splits?

Picked up these wheels for the Eunos this week. They were stupidly cheap so it was a no-brainer really. I initially thought the were RS-Wats but there are no markings on them other than BR and 4×100 pcd. The spokes look Watanabe-esque but the way they are split doesn’t so who knows.

They are a little dirty in the pics but they are in really good condition.

Regardless of what make they are there is one major issue; They are so weak offset and dish-less that I want to be sick into my shoes.  The good news is they are 3-piece splits. I could reverse them, but that would look odd, so I need to track down some new dishes for them. Do any of you know what these wheels are or where I could find some outers for them? Answeres on a postcard to Cheers!



MMM, bad-ass!

Check out more pics @  Ninio Photography


Project KP30; RE-Engine-ering

OK, I know what you are thinking; its back in bits already?! Well, It was nice to drive with it’s mild cam and quiet lifters but where is the fun if it doesn’t terrify you?

So… off came the head. Incidentally it turned out there were no valve stem seals on the exhaust valves which explained the little bit of oil consumption.

Out came the hydraulic lifters which I replaced with solid lifters (shown at the back with the adjustable rocker gear).

The simplex timing chain had to go aswell

With the engine mounts released I was able to jack the engine enough to remove the cam without having to take the engine out

The it was time to put it all back together. In went the Kent T125 Cam

Duplex gear fitted and the cam dialled in

Fresh gasket set, oil and filter

While I had the manifold off I took the opportunity to re-wrap it as the old stuff was falling to bits. I went for black wrap this time to help it stay looking fresh even if I am messing about with grubby hands

Head, carbs, manifold, adjustable rocker gear and cooling system later she fired first go!

I can finally say I have an engine that uses no oil, runs amazingly and is fully scary! Result!


Epic Flushness

This is the definition of wheel fitment. AMAZING.

Specs are: 145-65-13 on a 8″. Unfortunately I could not find any other pics; If you guys turn anything up be sure to send it in! Email addy is on the banner at the top.