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Do not adjust your set………..

I am aware the last couple of posts have been distinctly non-JDM tyte. To rectify this, I am bringing the following to the table:

This car rules the world. Sportmax should pay him money for making their wheels look good. Read more HERE


Retro Show 05-07-08

As I peeled back my tent, in a less than fit state from the night before, I was greeted by rain, lots of rain. What can you do though? I was already in Northampton so we packed up camp and headed out.

Driving into the show I was pretty worried as it was quiet, too quiet. Obviously people more sensible than me had stayed in bed. It wasn’t until later the sun shone and the place filled up. Anyway, on to the pics:

Fiat 131 Abarth

Nice to see I wasn’t the only guy holding it down for the old skool Toyotas

Bug Love

It’s not Santa Pod without a run from the jet car

2JZ Powered E30 was a total animal!

Cossie Sunbeam

Duratec porn. Thjis motor was powering a stripped MK2 Escort Estate into the 11’s!!

More booost

Me and my Boy Stu holding it down on the Retro Cars stand

Stu’s Sapporo has to be one of the coolest cars in the UK at the moment. Dropped on bags (cheating) and rolling Works I love it!


5 Days with Unity Media

I recently spent a week working on Retro Ford magazine at Unity Media. It was awesome to get involved with the mag and see behind he scenes. All the guys are total legends and I am looking forward to working with them again soon! Here are a few pics from the week, as you can see, it was serious fun.

Sweet BMW 2002 Spotted at Northhampton Motorsport

Dagenham Heritage Centre

We borrowed a couple of Anglias to take to the Ace Cafe for a meet. Perks of the job!

Setting up the track car at Northampton Motorsport

We did some writing to……………..

Happy days!