Project KP30: Engine-ering

The engine in my KP was getting a little smokey so before I blew it up or it got any worse I planned to take it out for a rebuild. Bits are a pain to get hold of and even Toyota were leaving me with little option other than to scan ebay or keep an eye out on the forums for pistons and rings. I really didn’t want the car off the road for the summer and as fate would have it I didn’t need to.

By pure chance I came across another 5K engine on Ebay that was fresh from a rebuild only 400 miles ago. The motor was supposed to be fitted with a  hot head and a fruity cam which was exactly what I was after. I pulled a few strings with the owner (who I knew from buying other bits before) and I was collecting the engine the very next day.

First job was to drag out ol’ smokey

With that done, I stripped the new engine to verify it was everything it was supposed to be. luckily it was! shells, head everything like new!

Check out the port work on the head, not even a valve guide in sight!

Like all 5K engines it was running hydraulic lifters (my other engine had been converted to solids) which is good for not messing around trying to set tappets on a hot engine, but bad for anything over about 6500rpm.

The sump had also been baffeled which was a plus especially with the engine uprighted.

The new motor came with a lightened flywheel (on the right) tipping the scales at 6.2kg’s which was another plus, but I decided to run with the Flywheel from my old engine (on the left) as it is a feather weight 4kg’s dead.

Test fitted my manifolds and carbs then dropped it into the KP.

New motor in filling the gap between my struts

First impressions – it’s a lot quieter than my old engine which is most likely down to the tappets. It’s not as fast either, from driving it I would say it is running something like a 260 cam. Still it’s a nice engine with plenty of poke and will keep me on the road for the summer while I rebuild my fast engine so it’s even faster!

2 Responses to “Project KP30: Engine-ering”

  1. 1 Greg
    July 15, 2008 at 4:07 am

    I absolutely love your car! Was it featured in a magasine a while ago? I remember seeing it but couldn’t find the magazine again. Im currently building up a 1200 coupe. I’ll send you some pics when it’s done!
    Greg. Perth, Australia.

  2. 2 rodrigo
    July 16, 2008 at 3:57 pm

    you have a beautiful car is unic i have a toyota 1000 1978 and my dream is to have like your car if you can say what i can do to my car i will appreciate congratulations.

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