Late night industrial encounter

I took the roadster out tonight to take a few snaps, take a run down my favourite road and generally enjoy not being in work tomorrow. I headed into an industrial area about 10miles from my house and was flashed for a race by a Fiat Bravo. It was never going to be much of a race so I lost him by 3rd gear and slowed down. He came past me flat out and turned into the industrial estate. I kinda hung back and followed as I wondered what was going on.

The industrial estate in question is made up of 3 roughly 1/4 mile straights punctuated with roundabouts. Back in the day there used to be a big biker meet (I’m talking 6 years ago) but it never really took off for cars. The 5-0 shut it down pretty quick anyway so people gave up on it.

So I get down to the last roundabout to find about 30 cars parked up, mainly Evo’s, Impreza’s a few Honda’s and a couple of euro cars. There was a bit of racing going on in pairs between the two bottom roundabouts but nothing crazy. I had a couple of buzzes up and down and showed the FF boys why FR rules and parked up.

I got chatting to a guy in a GD; apparently this goes on every weekend now with minimal attention from the cops. I will try and get up there one week with my camera and get some shots. It was a really cool atmosphere and no one was acting up just friends hanging out with cars.

Anyway, here is a shots I did get from the night:


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