Japfest 17-05-08: Part 1

Despite oversleeping by a full 2 hours I made it the whole 125 miles in the KP to a dry Castle Combe. There was plenty of cool stuff to check out on and off the track, with the show now expanding into some of the areas that were used as car parks last year to fit in the 75 club stands and 2500 cars on display. I think it is fairly safe to say the UK Jap scene is alive, well and still growing!

Thanks to www.eight-six.co.uk I was able to get a stand pass which is always great, especially when you are among such cool cars!

N2 Trueno from Garage Shapple. Spec includes a Carb fed 4-AGE, deep dish meshies and an owner dying to take it to the track in anger.

More 4-AGE power, this time in the shape of a KE70. Killer stance and OEM Brown rule. You have to love the JDM grille, chin spoiler and twin headlights.

10j Street fins.

In other Corolla news this awsome F20C 86 looked how but unfortunately didn’t make it out on track for long due to a miss-fire

All business inside

This Datsun 240Z has been a race car from the factory

Currently packing 3.1L of Throttle bodied 6-pot L series motor.

This 240 was looking box-fresh and running a 1JZ GTE motor.

The install looked factory.

I loved this NA6CE; Slammed, arched, SSR MK1’s and a carb fed motor.

EP on Rays running Stop tech brakes and some sweet Buddy Club buckets.

S15 Spec R showing how wheels should be fitted.

DC5 looked good on decent offset Rotas.

Check out the rest of my pics HERE

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment…………..

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