Daily Driver Touge racer

Here are a couple of shots of my daily driver. It does everything; it’s fast enough to be fun, will hang the rear end out, is good on fuel, makes all the right noises and handles like a champ.

The car was originally in the Frog Eyes club

This is an old bay pic before I installed the engine damper.

Engine stuff is limited to a Zoom Engineering decat and straight through centre exit exhaust. I’m running lower chassis braces, Cusco BMC brace, engine torque damper and a cooling plate; the ususal stuff really. Underneith it it is sitting on KYB Climb gear dampers and springs and has a a factory LSD. Inside I have an Apexi RSM and Fake Bride drivers seat. My favorite bit has to be the 13×7″ SSR MK2’s.

1 Response to “Daily Driver Touge racer”

  1. May 8, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Awesome! Been trying to find more pics of this car forever! Liking it loads.

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