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The Fukuoka prefecture old car retention

Another cool site for your viewing pleasure check it out HERE

I love these bikes.

Clean looking Skyline. Check out the smoothed off handles.

I need one of these jackets in my life! So cool!

Very nice R31

Team Low Down

So much good stuff to click through in the links on the left hand side of the site. Enjoy!


Project KP30; Camber Chamelion

More progress; My KW top mounts arrived!

A guy I work with (Thanks Roody) has a mate who works for KW  so some pics, measurements and 2 weeks later I have these at a very reasonable price.

First job was to bore out the bearing carriers to fit my 15mm Struts.

I had to do bit of lathe work on the spring top mounts and damper bodies to allow the bearing carriers to sit flush and maximise my suspension travel.

I turned down the original nuts so they would support the spherical bearings and maximise the thread engagement.



I changed the oil and reassembled the struts. One of the nice things about this car is that the struts are fully rebuild-able allowing me to change oil weight based on how the car feels and what spring rate I am using.

Then bolted them up to the car

They have cured the rubbing and allowed me to keep the wheel fitment tight to the arch so all in a total result.

Now the suspension is sorted I need to get the tracking done and then it will be spot on.