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Project KP30; Electric spaghetti

Apologies for the lack of updates, I have been off work and flat out getting the car ready for it’s MOT on Saturday.

Not a very exciting update as I have mostly been wiring. I have installed my new tacho and cleaned up the engine bay and dash loom.

I have gone for another 5″ tacho but this one has a bigger shift-light and a recall function.

I got my brace painted up and fitted. It has worked out really well and does the job.

I also fitted a new snap off steering boss as the old one was very worn and the wheel would rock about as you were driving.

The big news is the car is now insured and out of the garage. I have to wait until the bank holiday is over so I can get some tax but hopefully Tuesday it is on the road! Final job for now is to give it it’s annual waxoil and a good clean and polish.