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Project KP30; Heads UP…………

It never ceases to depress my how long it takes for me to get things done on my car these days. Between work and real life getting in the way the amount of playtime I have is ever reducing!

Enough moaning…….

Today I got out in the garage and managed to get my KP’s head rebuilt; Cleaned, valves lapped in, new stem seals and fresh coat of paint. I also picked up my gasket set so hopefully in the next couple of weeks it will all be back together.

I really can’t wait to get this thing back on the road now especially as we have been having some nice weather.  It is going to need it’s MOT and one of the things that needs doing is front strut seals. After a trip to my local Toyota dealer (read 3 trips including pulling my vin plate off and taking it down to prove the car exists!) I have a set on their way from Japan due to land on the 11th March!