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Project KP30; On the road!!

Well the passed it’s MOT first time yesterday so that’s that for another 12 months!

My strut seals never did come from Toyota so I made a new seal using a rubber I had in my “box of miscellaneous gaskets, rubbers and other non vital unknown bits”. Seems to have worked a treat!

Gave her the yearly waxoiling too, which is messy but pretty satisfying. It easily has 10 litres in the old girl now so technically I should be able to park it in the sea.

Anyway to celebrate the MOT pass I modified the bike can! I have never liked the look of it on the car so I cut it up.

Say hello to 7″ of up swept delight!

Its hardly a 6ft star exhaust but I think it is in keeping with the rest of the shakotan-esque styling.



Check out these cool Z cars designed and built by a guy called Jack Atkinson around 1974. The original Z-Bait was built in the street outside Jack’s apartment without even a workbench and was kept in a home made aluminium garage.

I love cars and builds like this; really inspiring stuff. Check out the full story HERE on the HyridZ forum.

Other Primadonna Z’s


A Half Life in Japan

I have been waiting for this to appear in print/ on  a forum/ the back of an envelope/ anywhere since David (HoTWire) and Simon (rmad) of Retro-Rides fame got back from their epic adventure!

I remember sitting in the back of a camper at Retro Cars show with Simon sharing some of the massive shoe box of photos he had taken. Amazing stuff.

Here it is; the story of an 8000 mile trip to a car show………..

Keep your eye on the Retro Scene Mag and Blog for more awesome content!


inokoshientotsu: A great Boso photo site

Found this LINK. Loads of really nice high-res pics. Enjoy!

According to Babel Fish;

“Just a little, it meaning that weather is bad, it does, but オラ it is fleeting? The り it enjoyed and the ちゃ was. Everyone who goes together and everyone who participated, it seemed the tired way. Everyone who the day can meet, thank you. And the people of the sponsor, it seemed the hardship way.”

Well that clears that up.


JTuned Wire

Fans of industry gossip and killer cars will no doubt have come across JTuned already. The site has not been updated for a while now as V2 has been under development. This is still ongoing but to keep us going they have launched JTuned Wire. It does everything the JTuned site did but in a cool blog format. Check it out!


Project KP30; Electric spaghetti

Apologies for the lack of updates, I have been off work and flat out getting the car ready for it’s MOT on Saturday.

Not a very exciting update as I have mostly been wiring. I have installed my new tacho and cleaned up the engine bay and dash loom.

I have gone for another 5″ tacho but this one has a bigger shift-light and a recall function.

I got my brace painted up and fitted. It has worked out really well and does the job.

I also fitted a new snap off steering boss as the old one was very worn and the wheel would rock about as you were driving.

The big news is the car is now insured and out of the garage. I have to wait until the bank holiday is over so I can get some tax but hopefully Tuesday it is on the road! Final job for now is to give it it’s annual waxoil and a good clean and polish.


Project KP30; The smell of petrol and success!

So over the last couple of weeks I have been rebuilding the head and a few other bits and I finally got it back together today anyway, have some pics!;

I did a few jobs like repainting the bay, wrapping the loom, detailing some bits and re-spraying the rad;

With the head back on the block it was time to refit the rockers. That didn’t go well. The threads in the head were badly worn and would not torque up. On turning over the engine (by hand) the rocker shaft bolts pulled out of the head.

More delays ensued waiting for a heli-coil kit. But when it came It was a pretty easy fix and should be good for life. I had already done the manifold studs so the head is in pretty good shape.

Now the rocker gear was on, torqued and adjusted I was on the home straight!

Coil and cap wired in and re-fitted

New manifold gasket

New plugs

One of the problems I had before was with the manifold bolts I was using. They were star head bolts but as access is so tight I was doing them up with a 10mm socket or spanner. This lead to them rounding and giving me all sort of grief.

This time I used socket head bolts allowing me to use a slim tool so I could get at them to tighten them up.

The worst 2 are the upper outer bolts which I made a special tool for  (by special tool I mean a cut down allen key!)

With the manifold on, oil checked and coolant filled I fired her up

First turn of the key on 5 month old petrol – I was chuffed! Check out the vid!

Running on the Manifold!!

Another Issue I had was the engine rocking under load causing the manifold to hit the body, so I made an upper engine brace to help with this.

I bought some rod ends and some tube.

I tapped the tube to fit the rod ends and fitted some lock nuts so I can adjust the length as required.

Added a little detail to make it pretty

I used 2 surplus threaded holes on the block above the fuel pump cover and made a bracket for the body side between the battery tray and an existing threaded hole above the brake proportioning valve

Test fit;

Now I just need to take it all off and paint it!

Next steps are to sort the suspension. One strut is leaking so I have ordered seals through Toyota (coming from Japan). They did promise me they would be here on the 11th, but now it’s going to be the 26th!

While the struts are out I want to make some Camber plates so I can dial in a bit more negative at the front and go lower.

Then its MOT time!