Drifting is Dead.

Ok, so it’s not really, but if TAS 08 is anything to go by the tuning scene is clearly shifting it’s focus. There seems to be a real move towards VIP and European models which works for me. There have been a lot of reports on the web and blogs documenting the show so I’m not going down that road. Just thought I would throw up some pics of my favourite car of the show.

The Rocky Auto KPGC10 Pic taken from

Visit Rocky Auto for more info & HOT Skylines.

That car takes me back to the summer when I actually got to sit in a genuine GTR. This car is owned by Alan Thomas and is the only one in Europe. Good times.

Here is my KP30 (and me) parked up with it. I know I’m dangerously un-cool, but how often do you get to be this close to your dream car.


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