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14-16-09-12 Goodwood Revival Part 3

Is it time to go again yet?

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Goodwood Revival 2012 Photo Challenge: 24 Shots, No Deletes, All B&W.

Maybe it was the atmosphere at the Revival, or just the realisation of how much I take my 7D for granted, but me and my wing man Rog decided to have an old school shoot out:  24 shots, no deletes and all straight out of the camera, just like the good old days.  I very rarely shoot in B&W and worse still never use an SLR (despite having a few and some films gathering dust in the loft).  For shame.  It’s amazing how knowing you only have a limited number shots focusses the mind and really gets you thinking about every aspect of what you’re pointing your lens at.  Here’s a few of mine, the winner is still up for debate…



14-16-09-12 Goodwood Revival Part 2


14-16-09-12 Goodwood Revival Part 1

Money can’t buy you taste, but those with money and taste go to Goodwood Revival.  How do I even begin to put this event into words…breathtaking?  Not really cutting it.  Everything apart from the cars was amazing: the clothes, the people, the details, the shows, the signs, the venue, the food, the aircraft and the atmosphere.  The cars however, were mind-blowing and the racing was the best I’d ever seen (including, but not limited to the WRC and F1).  I wanted that weekend to be the rest of my life. I wish it was 1964. I wish ever day was filled with Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches and touring car races won with grit and fearlessness, rather than billion pound aerodynamic tweaks.

Here’s round one of my pics, drink ‘em in, because however good you think it was from seeing these…it was better.



NEC Classic Car Show – 11-11-10 – Set Up Day

Last night I headed over to the NEC to drop off the KP and help with the set up of the Retro Cars/ Retro Ford stand.

If you get chance, this is the best time to see the show; no crowds and no stress!  Plus you can get clear pics.   Unfortunately, it was late and a chinese was calling, so I didn’t hang about to get too many shots this time.

Sneak Peak…

All done and ready for 3 days of carnage!  More pics to come over the weekend!


Park Life: A day with the Racers


F1: Silverstone – Testing – 08-07-10

This post would have been ace about a week ago…Alas, it’s taken me this long to have chance to put the pics up.  Until I finish the time machine, this will have to do…

My buddy Ryan (off of Williams F1 fame) hooked me up with some tickets to the testing at Silverstone last week.  I’ve never seen an F1 car running, never mind experienced it first hand.  To say I was pretty excited was an understatement.  I know it’s cliché and a lot of you will already know this, but seriously, these things literally take physics and trample all over it.  And the noise.  Yeah that.  Amazing!

Watching the cars on TV, they sort of don’t seem real, but once you’ve experienced it, heard them popping and banging and smelt the fuel and brakes they take on a whole new dimension.  Anyway, I’ll stop going on as everyone already knows who’s won (except me, as I’m waiting to catch up with the race on I player!) so…

it was a bit, erm busy…

Half time skydiving

Carlos Sainz!

Then there was some GP2 action


Massive thanks again to Ryan for the invite and tickets and Rog for lending me his 70-200mm L series lens (ridiculously nice bit of kit!).


Miami Vice Squad


British F3 & GT Championship; Donington Park 11-10-08

As luck would have a pit-pass fell in to my lap for the F3 & GT Championship at Donington this weekend. Unfortunately I only made it down there this afternoon so did’t catch a lot of racing. I did however, get a good look round the pits though which, for me, is usually the best bit of any race meet. You have to love the atmosphere, gettting up close and personal with the cars and, of course, the smell of race fuel!

I don’t remember Herbie having AP 6-pots!

Sweet looking MK5.

Racing Caddy with big FMIC

The rest of the pics can be found HERE


Midlands Breakfast Club Meet

Today I went along to a monthly meet at RAF Cosford, an Ex RAF base which has been converted into a museum. The location and buildings are stunning providing an amazing backdrop to the event. The meet attracts everything from Sports cars to Hot rods so you a guaranteed to see some very special cars. Check out more about the meet at www.midlandsbreakfastclub.co.uk Check out the rest of my pics HERE


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